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Mohammed Asif Iqbal asifmaiqbal at hotmail.com
Thu May 24 00:29:40 CDT 2007

Hi all,
I am curious to know whether anyone of us has actually used this new voice prompt Motorola phone which only comes in Rs. 1500.
Thanks and regards 

The MOTOFONE handset redefines wireless communication with high design, smart features and easy functionality at a low price. Combining Motorola's award-winning
design sensibility with intuitive and easy-to-learn functionality, the MOTOFONE enables even the newest phone users to embrace mobile communication with
confidence and style.
Connecting the Unconnected

Billions of people around the world have yet to make a phone call - and billions more have only just begun to explore wireless technology. The need for
communication is growing and the demand for cost-effective phones keeps increasing. The MOTOFONE is designed to specifically meet the universal desire
to stay connected -- with friends, family, and business associates, old and new.
Speaking Your Language

To help bridge literacy gaps, the MOTOFONE offers a redesigned user interface with innovative voice prompts in local languages* to guide the user quickly
and easily through menu navigation, messaging, and other functions. In addition, graphical icons visually demonstrate the menu features as well as network
status and battery strength. For pre-paid customers, the MOTOFONE automatically reports the status of their pre-paid account after each call or message*,
allowing consumers to stay in control of use and expense.
Looks Good, Sounds Good, Built to Last

Surprisingly thin and easy to carry, the MOTOFONE features a revolutionary ClearVision display that leverages Electrophoretic Display (EPD) technology to
provide users with a large, high-contrast screen viewable even in bright sunlight. The ClearVision display combined with a flush-fitting keypad and dust-resistant
design makes the MOTOFONE durable in active everyday use. And it sounds great too - with polyphonic ringtones, speakerphone and powerful volume - communication
is loud and clear.
Summary of Features
List of 11 items
 Voice prompts in local languages
 Intuitive icon-based user interface
 Stylish thin design
 Extended battery life**
 Durable housing for optimal performance despite dust and sun
 High-contrast screen using new ClearVision display
 Large font size for easy readability
 High-volume for call clarity in loud environments
 Automatic notification of current prepaid balance*
 Embedded polyphonic ringtones in eight voices
 Ability to download ringtones
list end

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