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Hello Amit,

I have one T.Sonic 610 MP3 player having one gb capacity. The accompanying
cd has a manual. After studying it and with sighted help, I man manage it
somehow, though with not much efficiency. At times I have to start all over.
Yet I am trying to describe the features:

My instrument has a big circular button which is called a joypad in the
manual. Above it are two buttons in the form of strips facing each other at
45 degree. I shall call them left button and right button. This is all for
the front side. It has a screen too.

On its right side are three buttons. The top one is the hold button which is
used to lock the keys. It can be moved downward to lock the keys. If you
lock it, no key will function. You have to unlock it again before doing

The second button is the Rec button used for recording. It is a push button.

The third is the Reset button. It is also a push button.

You have to hold down the left button for about two seconds or so to turn it
on. Wait for two seconds more for the screen to get ready. The two buttons
will have two functions assigned at the beginning. The left button is now
the Play button. If you have any MP3 file saved on the drive, it will start
playing. All MP3 files will keep playing one by one. Once MP3 files start
playing, the Play button becomes the Pause button. You can push it for
pause. Once the Pause operation is performed, it becomes the Play button
again. You can push it to resume.

When the MP3 files are being played, you can use the circular joypad to
control volume and for navigation. Imagine four corners of the joypad.
Pressing the bottom side will tone down the volume and the upper side will
increase the volume.

For navigation, press the right side of the joypad to move one song forward
and the left side to move one song backward.

When you want to turn the set off, hold the left button for two or three
seconds and the power will be turned off. Take sighted help to enable the
Power Saving feature for five minutes. It will ensure that when the set is
idle for five minutes, the power is automatically turned off.

The right button is the function key. If you push it, menus will come up.
The first one is for MP3.  It is the same as the Play button. This is also
the first menu. You can activate it by pressing the left button. Then the
Play function as I described it above will begin.

The second menu is FM. You have to use the navigation key to use it. Just
press the right side of the joypad once and FM menu will be selected. Push
the left button and FM will become active. Once FM is active, the joypad
becomes important. You can push its left and right sides to change channel.
Push its top and bottom side to control the volume. Each time the right or
left side of the joypad is pushed, the channel frequency is displayed on the

When an FM channel is tuned, you can add it to your favorite list by
pressing the left button. Once the channel is saved in the favourites list,
push the left button again.

Once the FM radio is active, you can push the Reset button to pick up your
favourite channel by navigating among 20 channels. You can add up to 20
channels in your favourites. In Kolkata we have just 9 channels. The
advantage is that once in the favourites list, you need not navigate much.
When FM is on, push the Reset button and you are in the favourites list.
Navigate left and right to pick up a channel.

If you want to record a song from FM, hold down the Rec button for two
seconds and recording will start. The quality is very good. When the song is
finished, push the right button to stop.

Each recording from FM is saved with a name like f001.wav in the FM folder.
The folder is created automatically. You can plug in the player to your
computer to rename the .wav files.

If you want to use the voice recorder, hold down the Rec button for two
seconds when FM is not playing. Push the right button to stop recording.
Voice recordings are saved in the Voice folder with names like V001.wav and
so on.

Once a recording is made, you can push the left button to play it.
Otherwise, select the third menu from the function key. Function key is the
right button. When the menus appear on screen, you have to press the right
or left side of the joypad to navigate among menus. Once the Recording menu
is selected, push the left button and the player will start playing all
recorded files with .wav extension one by one. Use the left or right side of
the joypad to navigate among the recordings.

Remember that the Recording menu is not for recording operation. It just
selects recordings from FM or Voice folders.

In case, things are in a mess, hold down the left button for a few seconds
to turn the power off. I have to do it at times. If the settings are all
mixed up, you can restore factory settings by using the cd. Do not format
the drive because it will destroy the functionality. In that case it will
become just a pen drive perhaps. You can take sighted help to adjust
recording settings, delete files and so on. Before doing anything serious,
read the accompanying manual.

This is how I handle my player. I usually use it to hear audiobooks and
enjoy it a great deal. Hope, it helps your friend to start using the player.

Best regards,


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> Dear friends,
> One of our friends has got a new pen drive of Transent company with 2 GB
> space. The moddle number of this drive is T610.
> It has features like FM radio, voice recording and etc but the features of
> this pen drive seems very difficult to access. Everything cannot support
> voice for us people and are not made accessible to Visually impaired,
> however, many equipments can be used and access by us without even any
> support of voice or assistive technology.
> But this particular drive has some complexity to understand it's function.
> If anyone is using the same pen drive, would request you to throw some
> on this, in particular to it's functions.
> --
> Cordially,
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