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> Newindpress, India
> Friday, May 18, 2007
> Young Shravan Kumar carries blind mother
> Friday May 18 2007 11:42 IST
> PURI: For the last 11 years, he has been moving around the religious 
> places of the country carrying his blind mother on his shoulder.
> Call him the Shravan Kumar of present age or just a devoted son, Kailash 
> Giri is on a mission to fulfill his mother's desire.
> The 35-year-old man from a remote village in Jabalpur reached Puri on 
> Wednesday with his octogenarian mother.
> Eleven years back, when his blind mother expressed desire to visit all the 
> 'tirthas' in the country, Kailash, barely 24 then, had no money to do so.
> But he did not want to disappoint his mother. And, so he resolved to 
> 'shoulder' the responsibility of taking her to all religious places of 
> interest.
> Kailash told mediapersons here that he had already visited almost all 
> shrines in South India and has now brought his mother to the abode of Lord 
> Jagannath. In fact, when they arrived at Gundicha temple on Wednesday 
> evening, people were astonished to learn about his mission.
> After a night halt near the Gundicha temple, he moved to offer prayers to 
> Lord Jagannath on Thursday. The mother- son duo was accorded a warm 
> reception by the priests and the 'pandas' at the temple gate.
> Later, Kailash took his mother to Mahodadhi tirtha (a stretch of Puri sea 
> from Swargdwar to Chakratirth considered holy and sacred) and made her 
> take a holy dip.
> He also visited the Swargadwar (crematorium considered the gateway to 
> heaven). Stating that they would stay in this Pilgrim City for a couple of 
> days before moving to Dwarika and Badrinath, Kailash said he had no plans 
> at present to return to his native village as they had little property 
> left there.
> "God bless my son for making this all possible for me," said Kirti Devi, 
> his mother with a pride in her voice.
> http://www.newindpress.com/NewsItems.asp?ID=IEQ20070518012114&Page=Q&Title=ORISSA&Topic=0&
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