[AI] about the ESI scheme

fayaz pasha fayazjpasha_21 at yahoo.co.in
Wed May 16 10:43:42 CDT 2007

Hi friends,

I require a copy of the the ESI act with latest notes on the matter at the earliest. I have a few questions that may be some of the list members can answer for me.

1. What is the percentage of contribution of each employee and the employer for this scheme?
2. I also wish to understand if the employers contribution is over and above the actual CTC (cost to company) or it is included above the net salary?

3. Is the scheme optional or compulsory for employees drawing a salary less than RS 10000.
 Looking forward for all these answers and much more from your side. Finally if you feel the topic is out of the list's scope you can privately write to me.

Fayaz Pasha
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