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Dear member's 


Just for the sec of the curiosity I want to know how does person deals
with captcha control who is both blind and depth.

For who does not know what is meant by captcha control I am pasting
small paragraph.

CAPTCHA is short for "completely automated public Turing test to tell
computers and humans apart", and is the most popular technique used to
prevent computer

programs from sending automated requests to Web servers. These can be
for meta-searching search engines, doing dictionary attacks in login
pages, or sending

spam using mail servers. You might have seen CAPTCHA images in the
Google register page when you do availability check on too many
usernames, or in Yahoo!,

PayPal, or other big web sites. I know that blind as well as depth
user's use the braille display to work. But are these devices are
capable of rendering the image in to Braille.

Also I have wred somewhere on the net that image can be converted in to
the Braille if it is in binary format instead of jpg or bitmap.

Captcha control has been hack 94% times using OCR technique. I believe
This is the same technique use in scanning software such as fine reader.



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