[AI] Help with my mobile set.

nafisa buhariwala nafisapb at hotmail.com
Sat May 12 12:32:42 CDT 2007

Dear Friends,
I am using a Nokia 6600 with Talks. Lately my handset is giving me some 
trouble. It used to switch off on its own. After talking Nokia Help line I 
could fix it. They asked me to back up the memory on the meory card and 
format the handset and then restore thememory back to the phone memory. The 
switching off problem got fixed but then on I stopped receiving SMSs. I can 
send SMSs but there are no incoming messages or delivery reports. Any idea 
how to fix this? However, I also went to Nokia Service Centre. They said 
there may some buggs and they will have to load software again. For this 
they want me to take a back up of individual files like contacts, messages 
and so on using Blue tooth. Please tell me how to ddo this and also tell me 
what happens to Talks which is loaded on my phone. Sorry for long mail. 
Thanks in advance. Will await responses to help me.
Regards Nafisa

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