[AI] Fw: a device to hear what they cant see.

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That's indeed true. But more than that, we have to rely up on others in 
reading signboards and street signs. So if this development can truly be 
diffused from the scientific community to the actual beneficiaries, then I 
really consider it as a revolutionary development in making us independent!


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Exactly! Can we have their contact details? If what the article says
is correct, we may be heading towards a revolution provided the
quality of the output is good. Reading something by yourself and
reading with the aid of a machine are two completely different things.
But the new software may just go one minute step in bridging the
visually impaired/normal divide. It promises instant access to books
and newspapers. Hope it does not consume a lot of time in converting
the data.
I am seriously interested. Someone please help.

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Are they saying that they have created a mobile scanner like created by
kurzweil and NFB in US? that too for Rs. 2000 or so?!


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