[AI] hdfc ATM card

YADAVDN at iocl.co.in YADAVDN at iocl.co.in
Mon May 7 04:51:29 CDT 2007

No Sanjeev, I wouldn't advise you to go for HDFC ac if you can still undo it
on any ground.  Yes, I do have a debit card, HDFC, I am totally blind too.
They might have issued me on basis of 'no signature mismatch.  However, I
would advise you not to go for HDFC on few basic grounds.  

For any smallest request like ATM pin, statement or any other you have to
pay.  Their correspondence system is exceptionally bad.  Even most of the
online service thereof are costing.  Their ATM/Debit is renewable every year
with some charges.  Nobody other than you may be able to make any cash
deposit, mind you-cash deposit.  In case they do not provide you with
ATM/debit, you'll have a lot of difficulty to withdraw money.

My experience with HDFC could be personal but this is what I have to say.


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