[AI] E-books.

P. Subramani subramani6912 at gmail.com
Sat May 5 02:44:52 CDT 2007

 I am pasting below information about 2 e-books on Yoga and Meditation for members.  I want to let everyone know of the free e-book on my website that is available for all who would like to use it or pass it along for the use of others
they may know who could find assistance in it. This is
Yoga and How To Get Started.
  This e-book (30 Pages) explains what is yoga and its benefits. It then explains how to start a yoga program, and provides instructions for eighteen asanas
that you can do to begin a routine. It also describes the systems of karma-yoga, jnana-yoga, raja-yoga, bhakti-yoga, kundalini-yoga and others and how
they work so you can pursue the path best for you for additional spiritual benefits. This can be used with the additional ebook on my website called "Meditation"
ebook for a practical guide on yoga and meditation. This is located at

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