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> MonstersAndCritics.com (UK)
> Thursday, May 03, 2007
> India News: A device to 'hear' what they can't see
> By Indo-Asian News Service
> Agra, May 3 (IANS) A group of IT students here have developed a device 
> that can enable the blind to hear what they cannot see or read.
> Called 'E-Netra', it costs Rs.2,000-3,000 and it reads texts through an 
> embedded system and converts them into voice that can be heard through 
> earphones.
> Right now it can only read text, but later it is likely to pick up prints 
> in Braille script.
> The Agra College team that took six months to develop the device and the 
> software to go with it was led by R.K. Sharma and included his assistants 
> Karan, Mayank, Akshat, Khalid and Jitendra.
> Sized like a mobile, the device consists of an automatic zoom camera that 
> will store the text in memory. It will also emit signals if the page is 
> out of focus. The text will be converted automatically into speech.
> The device can read newspapers, books and even signboards.
> 'Considering that everything cannot be translated or converted into 
> readable items through Braille script, the new development can be of great 
> help to the disabled,' said Vikas Pandit, a professor at the university's 
> IT department.
> http://news.monstersandcritics.com/india/news/article_1299568.php/A_device_to_hear_what_they_cant_see
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