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Hello friends,
Below are  the details of a very interesting free online course provided by Sysco from Australia.
I spoke with him and good thing is he wants to start the training even in India.
World's  First' Free, Accessible IT Training Course Goes live.
What is claimed to be the world's first free, accessible, online learning
programme teaching people the basics of computer maintenance and
networking has been launched in Australia. The course is open for
    anyone to apply, from anywhere in the world.
The course runs for two days per week over a one year period.
Students learn the fundamentals of computer operating systems and
network infrastructure, learning how to build a computer and install
different versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system; how to
maintain and use networking equipment; and how to install and run
medium to large-sized networks. The course is endorsed by networking
infrastructure company Cisco.
According to Iain Murray, course co-coordinator at the Curtin University
of Technology in Western Australia, all of the content is accessible to a
person with an internet connection and assistive equipment such as a
screen reader or text magnifier. "We have made notes for JAWS users
on accessing the online material but it works just as well with other
products including VoiceOver on Apple machines," Murray told
E-Access Bulletin. Live lectures are delivered using the 'Skype'
internet telephone service, which has negligible cost, he said.
According to Murray, graphs, diagrams and mathematical notation
have been made accessible. "The course is not overly mathematical but
does include a significant amount of binary and hexadecimal
conversions. For this we have developed a 'peg board'. It's a very
simple device that consists of a piece of wood or plastic with three
rows of 32 holes in it. This also allows the calculation of IP addresses
and subnets. We ask that students attempt to get one of these made
locally, but if that is not possible we ship one to them, at no charge,"
said Murray.

For  more information you may visit the below given links.
They are currently teaching the CCNA 1 & 2 and the IT Essentials 1 & 2, with plans to start CCNA 3 & 4, Fundamentals of Wireless Networks and Fundamentals
of Security in 2008. The other site is
It has some of the lecture recordings and other course material they have been using. There is also a discussion list that their existing students use that
you may wish to browse through
for details. Here I also read about some Visually Challenged students who are doing computer Engineering.
Prospective students can find out more by emailing Iain Murray on:
i.murray at ece.curtin.edu.au .

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