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You open the file you want to convert with TextPal.  You then simply save it
in the format of choice.


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Dear list members,

I recently downloaded some books as PDF and HTML files which I am trying to
convert them to .txt format. I know I can make use of text pal's conversion
utility, but I'm unable to understand as to how to do it. when I press
ctrl+T to convert, it asks for extensions. But what exactly should I type in
that field. .txt?, .html? I tried all sorts of these extensions. Could
anybody explain me the procedure?
I tried to learn these things from text Pal's documentations and tutorials.
But I think they were all helpless in increasing my further understanding.
At the present moment converting to .txt is not very important for me , but
it might be necessary in future. are there any other utilities that can make
the conversion process faster and easier?
Response valued

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